Recover from your cosmetic surgery ...

with the best of everything

Halcyon’s 24-hour concierge care is nestled in the Hill Country and offers a private and secure recovery environment.

Rest. Relax. Recover.

Treat yourself to an all inclusive recovery with unlimited luxury and post-op assistance.

Transportation, 24-hour post-operative recovery assistance, chef inspired gourmet meals, entertainment, wifi and much more are included in your Halcyon Suites experience. Sip on a mocktail while receiving a massage by a massage therapist in the Texas Hill Country.

recover from plastic surgery

Our Facility

Join us for your recovery and enjoy chef-inspired, health-conscious gourmet meals, and mocktails while enjoying spa services, massage therapy, aromatherapy, and more. Your comfort and continued health during your recovery is our utmost priority.

What Our Guests say

"I cannot imagine going through my surgery without the help of Nora and the staff at Halcyon Suites. Nora picked me up from my surgery and drove me to Halcyon Suites where I stayed for four nights. They all took very good care of me 24/7; from administering all the medications I was on, serving me breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed, driving me to my doctor’s appointment the day after my surgery, and making sure I was following all of my doctor’s orders. They did all of this in a very caring, loving, and uplifting way. I highly recommend staying at Halcyon Suites after surgery."
- Post Surgery client, February 2022
"I cannot express enough gratitude to Nora, Ava, and your staff for taking such excellent care of me. Their attention to detail on everything was exceptional! I am grateful to have had such a wonderful experience and all because of Nora and Ava!"
- L.S., Post Surgical Care Patient, January 2022
“My stay at Halcyon exceeded my expectations! Nora was there to pick me up from recovery and personally drove me to their care suites.

The care I received was 24/7. From the moment I woke up, Kitty, Nora, and Natalie were there to check vitals, administer medications, help ensure I made it to the restroom safely, and delivered meals bedside. Octavia was on staff throughout the night to make sure I not only had my medications, she would stay up and talk with me while I was waiting for my pain medication to take effect. She even prepared snacks and a calming tea to help me fall asleep. I was even taken to one of my follow up appointments by Sherrie, the RN that’s on staff.

I could not have asked for a better experience. I am thankful for Nora, Kitty, Sherrie and Octavia. They are the dream team of nursing care! ”
- Post Surgical Care Patient, November 2021
“Beyond all expectations! Amy and Octavia could not have taken better could not have taken better care of me, and on top of that they were both just delightful. I think it’s rare to find people who are totally on top of details, logistics, and organization as well as being fun and caring… I truly hated to go home.”
- Anonymous, July 2021
“My experience was amazing. The suites staff is so professional and compassionate. They pampered me and made me feel completely safe and confident in my care. The atmosphere was lovely. I would definitely use them again.”